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Urban Design 101

What is urban design?

At the confluence of land use planning, architecture, and landscape architecture lies the world of urban design, which addresses the way buildings, streets, and public spaces all add up into places that work (or don’t work) for people.

To bring more clarity on the concept of urban design and how it looks when put into practice, we put together an introductory series on the topic as well as a handy pocket glossary that decodes some of the common jargon you might encounter along the way.

Urban Design Learning Series

Urban Design 101 - An Illustrated Primer of Urban Design Principles

In part one, we’ll explore the basics of this impactful field, understand its core tenets, and analyze visual examples of urban design guiding principles.

Urban Design 102 - An Illustrated Primer of Urban Design Details

In part two, we’ll take an in depth look at the design details—the ways that built form and open space are used to create places people want to be.