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Imagine Lexington 2045

Welcome to Lexington's Future

Since its adoption, Imagine Lexington the 2018 Comprehensive Plan, has served as the visionary plan for the next 20+ years of growth and development.  It creates a path forward to unlock Lexington’s potential and increase the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

As required by state statute, the plan must be revisited every five years – though the Plan’s vision, with the support of its goals, objectives, and policies, is set to inform the next 20 to 25 years. To honor this vision, the next update to the Comprehensive Plan will be titled Imagine Lexington 2045, more accurately reflecting its long-range scope.

Imagine Lexington 2045 will build upon the ambitious, yet attainable, vision set out in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and will serve as a reminder that our community is proactive, innovative, and forward-thinking.

The past five years have proved pivotal in shaping our outlook and perspective for the future. With the promise of continued change and growth over the next 20 years, the opportunities for Lexington are immense. Through the vision to be outlined in Imagine Lexington 2045, our city will continue along a path that builds on the past and embraces the future.

Current Item - Goals & Objectives

Informed by Lexington residents, the Goals & Objectives are the backbone of Imagine Lexington, its themes, and the resulting policies. Their key purpose is to ensure that the urban growth boundary and other long-range planning issues address needs for new urban development and contribute to the prosperity of Lexington. The community is currently in the process of reshaping our Goals & Objectives. This process consists of public input, data analysis, research of best practices, and discussions with local decisionmakers.


Your Plan Every Step of the Way

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Phase I: Goals & Objectives

The Goals & Objectives provide the framework for the plan and sets the direction for the rest of the document. They are developed through public engagement, data analysis, and research into trends and best practices.


Public Input

To inform the development of the Goals & Objectives, a series of spring public input meetings take place. This includes On the Table and organization-focused meetings hosted by the LFUCG Division of Planning and other groups.


Discussion with the Planning Commission

Once all public input is collected and analyzed, the City-appointed members of the Planning Commission will review the information, in tandem with additional data and research, and draft proposed Goals & Objectives for the new plan.

Late Summer - Early Fall

Planning Commission Public Hearing

The Planning Commission is formally presented with the proposed Goals & Objectives. The public may come out to voice their opinions on the proposal at this time. After considering the Goals & Objectives and any other information provided, the Planning Commission forwards a recommendation to the Urban County Council.

Late Fall - Early Winter

Urban County Council Public Hearing

The Urban County Council reviews the Planning Commission's recommendation in addition to all public input, data, and research. The public may come out to voice their opinions to the Council. After deliberation, the Council will vote on the adoption of the Goals & Objectives.

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Phase II: Elements & Implementation

The Elements & Implmentation phase of the planning process outlines the strategy through which the Goals & Objectives will be accomplished. This phase involves continued public input opportunities as well as detailed policy research, plan development, and, once adopted, plan implementation.