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Telecommuting & Flexible Work

Apply traffic mitigation programs, such as communication with employers, to encourage flexible work schedules or telecommuting.

Traffic creates headaches for commuters. At the same time, it generates more air pollution than drivers may realize. However, improving available technology and sustainable initiatives by corporations, such as telecommuting and flexible work schedules away from rush hour, have come into play in many areas. The MPO is working on multiple plans to mitigate potential increasing congestions in the Lexington region.

Action Item(s)

  • Implement an outreach program through employers to inform and incentivize employees to reduce single-occupancy commuting.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL B2: Reduce Lexington-Fayette County’s carbon footprint.

Objective: B2a

Continue programs and initiatives to improve energy efficiency.

GOAL D1: Work to achieve an effective and comprehensive transportation system.

Objective: D1d

Improve traffic operation strategies.