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Quality of Life for Seniors

Build upon the success of the Senior Citizens’ Center to provide improved quality of life opportunities for the largest growing population demographic.

As increasing numbers of “Baby Boomers” choose to the leave the workforce, the need for meaningful social interaction opportunities for seniors will be increasingly important. The Lexington Senior Center and its three satellite sites (Charles Young Center, Bell House, and Eldercrafters at the Black and Williams Center) serve residents of Fayette County 60 years and older. Each center is unique in its specific offerings, but all provide a safe and inviting environment for senior adults to spend their leisure time enjoying recreation, social, art and educational opportunities in a place that preserves their dignity and values each as individuals.

The expansion of services and programs that serve people as they age, and those of all ages with disabilities, will be important for the community. Lexington’s actions and inclusion in the AARP Age Friendly Communities network should be supported throughout planning and in all projects. Additionally, development throughout the city should include age-friendly amenities and development patterns that provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for Lexington citizens at all stages of their lives.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL A4: Address community facilities at a neighborhood scale.

Objective: A4b

Plan for equitable and accessible social services and healthcare facilities that address the needs of all residents, maximizing the opportunity to reach geographically underserved areas throughout the community.

GOAL D2: Support a model of development that focuses on people-first to provide accessible community facilities and services to meet the health, safety and quality of life needs of Lexington-Fayette County’s residents and visitors.

Objective: D2c

Collaborate with service providers about how their community facilities should enhance existing neighborhoods.