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Regional Center

A vibrant hub of commerce, employment, housing opportunities, and entertainment. These are places that include larger buildings with human-scale active ground levels, intentional open spaces and plazas, and walkable transportation networks, all to provide the user/resident with a unique experience. A mix of uses is required to cultivate a sustainable center that is adaptable to future conditions, and they should increasingly include higher-density residential options. They are most often located at the intersection of major roadways and along primary corridors.

Site Priorities

  • Placemaking
  • Internal connectivity
  • Walkability
  • Creating jobs where people live
  • Proper design/orientation of buildings and streets
  • Minimizing parking in favor of multi-modal options
  • Relation to surrounding neighborhood context

Most Suitable Development Types

Medium Density Residential
Medium-High Density Residential
High Density Residential
Medium Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use
High Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use