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New Complete Neighborhood

Currently undeveloped areas designed to provide housing within a sustainable format. Including a mix of uses such as neighborhood-serving retail, services, and employment options, as well as larger town centers, will allow citizens to fully realize their day-to-day needs without having to leave their immediate area. Providing a wider variety of housing options rather than large homogeneous sections dedicated to a single type, will ensure that residents of all income levels can afford a home. Intentional greenspaces and neighborhood focal points accessible to all residents should also be provided to add to the sense of place and community. A well-connected multi-modal transportation network is also a key component of a New Complete Neighborhood’s success.

Site Priorities

  • Neighborhood-serving retail, services, and employment
  • Mixed housing types
  • Shared, accessible greenspace and parks
  • Well integrated public facilities
  • Multi-modal integration with sufficient linkages to higher levels of transit
Low Density Residential
Medium Density Residential
Medium-High Density Residential
Low Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use
Medium Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use