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Lexington’s major roadways focused on commerce and transportation. The overriding emphasis of Imagine Lexington is significantly overhauling the intensity of the major corridors. The future of Lexington’s corridors lies in accommodating the shifting retail economic model by incorporating high density residential and offering substantial flexibility to available land uses. Adding a mix of land uses to support the existing retail will provide a built-in customer base, create a more desirable retail experience, and allow a greater return on investment for landholders. Additional focus is on increasing the viability of enhanced mass transit, thereby reducing the reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and improving Lexington’s overall transportation efficiency.

Site Priorities

  • Transit-oriented development
  • High density residential
  • Community gathering spaces
  • Redevelopment of underutilized property

Most Suitable Development Types

Medium Density Residential
Medium-High Density Residential
High Density Residential
Medium Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use
High Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use