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2nd Tier Urban

Where significant infill and redevelopment opportunities exist in order to complement the urban core, generally situated within the established Infill and Redevelopment Boundary. While not expected to be as intensely developed as the downtown core, high-rise opportunities are not precluded provided that measures are taken to address the adjacent context. The forward trend for development in the 2nd tier urban areas should be towards more walkability, intensity, and appropriate stewardship of the available opportunities that will accommodate Lexington’s future growth, first and foremost.

Site Priorities

  • Medium, medium/high and high density residential
  • Mix of uses
  • Walkability
  • Economic development and job creation
  • Minimizing parking in favor of multi-modal options
  • Relation to surrounding historic context

Most Suitable Development Types

Medium Density Residential
Medium-High Density Residential
High Density Residential
Medium Density Non-Residential / Mixed-Use
High Density Non-Residential / Mixed - Use