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Growing Successful Neighborhoods

Successful neighborhoods are the building blocks of a desirable community. Lexington’s neighborhoods, and more importantly the neighbors themselves, make up the foundation of the city. Creating diversity within these neighborhoods is key to their long-term sustainability and success. Diversity within housing types, housing affordability, land uses, transportation options, and recreational opportunities is crucial, as is creating welcoming spaces for people of all races, ethnicities, and age groups.

Lexington is undeniably a growing city, and it is important to ensure that this growth results in community. This continued urbanization needs to be properly managed, and great care should be taken to guarantee existing neighborhoods are enhanced by this growth. Consciously and carefully directed growth and development will strengthen already successful neighborhoods and create vibrant new ones with a high standard of design and a focus on community-building amenities.

Where are we now?

Lexington’s neighborhoods are among the community’s strongest assets. The historic downtown areas, the traditional suburban single-family neighborhoods, and the more recent mixed-use developments are all part of the landscape. Historically, Lexington’s neighborhood development has focused on the separation of uses in order to minimize potential conflict. However, many progressive and developing cities are starting to move past this traditional practice with the implementation of form-based codes, design criteria, and more modern mixed-use zones.

Recently, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods are popular among the two fastest-growing age groups in Lexington, young professional-aged residents and senior citizens. Imagine Lexington hopes to reinforce this trend to offer a variety of options to Lexington residents. Providing these mixed-use and mixed-housing type developments will supplement existing successful neighborhoods throughout Lexington and diversify the housing stock.

Vision for Neighborhoods