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Maps & Data

Exploring the Plan for the Geographically Inclined

Many of the concepts outlined with Imagine Lexington are able to be translated geographically; after all, it is a document in which land use planning is the main topic!

To illustrate these concepts, the Division of Planning, in collaboration with groups both in and outside of local government, has created a set of tools that communicate both geographic and demographic relationships both locally and statewide. These tools come in the form of interactive maps, data-focused infographics, and metrics.

Interactive Maps

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2018 Comprehensive Plan Context Map

Explore data relating to different plan elements and get a general view of the distribution of different zoning, services, and natural features in our community. 

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Specialized Focus Areas Map

View data relating to the different areas within Lexington for which a specialized plan exists and get connected to a downloadable version of each document.

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Bike Lexington Interactive Map

Learn to navigate this interactive tool created to serve as a trusted companion for those looking to maneuver cycling (and walking) in Lexington.