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Increase Networking Opportunities

Support & increase networking opportunities for career related institutions, organizations, & agencies.

As part of the Imagine Lexington process, staff met with representatives from many of the agency-types listed above to help inform the Plan’s recommendations. At the time, multiple stakeholders indicated that they would like to have regular meetings together to network, discuss, and brainstorm.

There was a concern that career path introductions need to be incorporated into the high school education to help students understand the demand for employment and the day-to-day demands of full-time employment. An unmet demand for skilled trade/industrial maintenance jobs that usually require a vocational trade certificate/licensure or associate degree was also pointed out. Additionally, there was a concern that high school students felt they only had a binary choice of attending college or not, and that vocational trade and technical career paths were not considered. Education and outreach efforts should be increased to publicize the demand for technical positions and the pay for those jobs. Meetings between Planning, Commerce Lexington, LFUCG Economic Development and Purchasing, VisitLex, educational and training providers, and small business development agencies will continue to be beneficial for business recruitment, workforce development, and economic sustainability as Lexington’s economy grows.

Goals and Objectives