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Implement Lexington

So, we've imagined Lexington - now what? Let's put this plan into action!

Implement Lexington is the third, action-oriented piece of the full 2018 Comprehensive Plan strategy. It is in this section that we focus on, you guessed it, implementation of the plan itself!

The various projects and action items listed throughout Imagine Lexington act as a roadmap for both Planning staff and the community that will take the plan from vision to reality. As we traverse the many different paths laid out by that roadmap, this section of the site is intended to communicate the progress and results from our ongoing journey to achieving the plans goals in our city.

Use the links below to access the various resources and reports created to help keep you up-to-date on all things related to plan implementation, which include:

  • Full list of implementation items
  • Project pages
  • Imagine Lexington Annual Report (2019)
  • Meeting packets


Recent Projects

What is planning working on right now? Well, there is really no telling at this very moment, but the projects listed below might give you a general idea of the larger implementation items that we have been working on recently!

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Regulation Changes

One of the primary implementation mechanisms for the 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Lexington, is updating the regulatory documents that set the rules, specifications, and processes for land use changes in the city of Lexington. These updates include Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments (ZOTAs) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRAs). From this page, you can find details on recent ZOTA and SRA applications that directly tie-in to the goals of Imagine Lexington.

Public Engagement Toolkit Icon

Public Engagement Toolkit

Forged from hours of focus group conversations among neighborhood and development interests alike, the Public Engagement Toolkit (PET), was created to answer the question, “What constitutes ‘meaningful engagement’ within the development process?”

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Imagine Nicholasville Road

Now that we have imagined Lexington, it's time to narrow our focus on areas within Lexington that we would like to study a bit further! First up, Nicholasville Road, every Lexingtonian's favorite major corridor. 

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Sustainable Growth Study

In direct response to Imagine Lexington's call in the Goals & Objectives, the Mayor's Office is undertaking a Sustainable Growth Study that will inform long-term land use decisions involving the Urban Service Boundary.

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Coldstream Master Plan

The Coldstream Master Plan will evaluate infrastructure investments to prepare a 200 acre site within the Urban Service Boundary to attract new jobs, preserve and enhance the environment, and provide community assets and connectivity.

Informational Materials

Imagine Lexington Annual Reports

Since its adoption in February 2019, the Division of Planning has compiled an annual report each year to provide an overview of the progress made on Imagine Lexington implementation items. We currently have reports available for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Work Session Meeting Packets

Stay up-to-date on current planning-related projects at the time they are shared with the Planning Commission for our monthly work sessions.