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Imagine Nicholasville Road

Study of One of Lexington's Major Corridors

After over a year of study, data collection, and public input, a vision has been put forward for Nicholasville Road, one of Lexington's most important corridors. The result is a plan that focuses on safety and efficiency for people travelling by car, bus, bike, or on foot. The recommendations are tailored to the unique areas of Nicholasville Road and include:

  • Innovative intersection improvements
  • Plans for Bus Rapid Transit
  • Future redevelopment of large parking lots and underutilized shopping centers
  • Dedicated bike and pedestrian facilities
  • A lot more!

Imagine Nicholasville Road was adopted as a part of the city's comprehensive plan, Imagine Lexington, on May 20, 2021.

Public Input

Thousands of people provided input during the development of Imagine Nicholasville Road through online surveys, public comment, and virtual and in-person public meetings. Through these methods, the project team gathered thoughts and ideas on the types of redevelopment and transportation improvements that members of the public would like to see along Nicholasville Road.


Imagine Nicholasville Road Public Input Timeline




Opportunities & Issues Throughout the Corridor

In Spring 2020, the project team conducted an online survey to learn more about the public’s concerns, priorities and vision for Nicholasville Road. Over 5,000 people responded to the survey, identifying issues and opportunities throughout the corridor, and sharing their feelings on various modes of travel on Nicholasville Road. The map below shows locations that the public identified as concerns (red dots), opportunities (yellow dots) or other (blue dots) through our online survey.


A series of catalyst site redevelopment and transportation improvement concepts were developed using input from the online survey, local stakeholder interviews, the existing conditions review, and lessoned learned from case studies around the country.

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Transportation Improvement Options

This gallery includes proposed transportation improvements for six different sections along the Nicholasville Road corridor. Elements include recommended placement for transit stops, bike/pedestrian facilities, and opportunities for greater connectivity.

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Catalyst Sites for Redevelopment

This gallery includes redevelopment concepts for three catalyst sites within the study area, presenting a comparative lens between existing conditions and the concepts being proposed. Note, these do not represent actual future development plans for the sites listed.

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for providing time and services that aided in research, content development, data collection, stakeholder engagement, website design, and much more!