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Imagine Lexington

A Plan by Lexington, for Lexington

The Imagine Lexington component of this site is your one-stop shop to read all of the recommendations developed over a multi-year process of research and engagement that included over 11,000 voices throughout Lexington.  The plan itself covers strategies for transportation, land use, community facilities, greenspace, rural preservation, residential and commercial development, and much more, as Lexington continues to grow over the next 20 years.  

This website offers additional functionality, allowing you to browse by theme (neighborhoods, environment, etc.), as the document version does, but also by topic (housing, transportation, etc.), making it easier to get at the specific information you are after.

Mission Statement

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Lexington, seeks to provide flexible yet focused planning guidance to ensure equitable development of our community’s resources and infrastructure that enhances our quality of life, and fosters regional planning and economic development. This will be accomplished while protecting the environment, promoting successful, accessible neighborhoods, and preserving the unique Bluegrass landscape that has made Lexington-Fayette County the Horse Capital of the World.