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Housing for All Income Levels

Meet the demand for housing across all income levels.

This Comprehensive Plan does not seek to be antagonistic toward growth and new residential development; on the contrary, continued growth is vitally important and Lexington should encourage intense (re)development in the most appropriate areas to provide housing for all. Lexington must provide overall housing affordability, primarily through an abundant supply of new construction that puts a downward pressure on rents of existing units. Imagine Lexington implementation calls for a top-down review of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations in an attempt to create new housing opportunities, as well as to streamline permitting and review processes. This process began in 2017 with the amendments to the Commercial Center (B-6P) zone, as well as changes to how Final Record Plats are reviewed.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL A1: Expand housing choices

Objective: A1a

Pursue incentives and regulatory approaches that encourage creativity and sustainability in housing development.

Objective: A1b

Accommodate the demand for housing in Lexington responsibly, prioritizing higher-density and mixture of housing types.

Objective: A1d

Create and implement housing incentives that strengthen the opportunities for higher-density and housing affordability.

GOAL A2: Support infill and redevelopment throughout the Urban Service Area as a strategic component of growth.

Objective: A2a

Identify areas of opportunity for infill, redevelopment, adaptive reuse, and mixed-use development.

Objective: A2d

Implement innovative programs, such as the public infrastructure fund and land bank programs, to facilitate sustainable development, including, but not limited to, housing, affordable at all income levels, and commercial and economic activity.