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Green Infrastructure

Require green infrastructure elements for new development, and require during redevelopment where appropriate.

Since 2016, the stormwater manual has required the use of green infrastructure for stormwater management for both volume and water quality control. Below is a list of green infrastructure practices approved for use in Fayette County for volume control.

Green infrastructure plays a key role for the urban environment and public health in the Lexington-Bluegrass region, especially when using nature-based solutions to preserve natural capital. Creating and improving the knowledge base remains one of the main strategic developments for the implementation of the manual and site design practice. Starting with school education efforts, more planning, landscape architecture and engineering programs are incorporating green infrastructure as a trend and recommended practice.

Action Item(s)

  • Update the green infrastructure elements in the Engineering Manuals to reflect current best practices.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL A3: Provide well-designed neighborhoods and communities.

Objective: A3c

Minimize disruption of natural features when building new communities.

Objective: A3d

Promote, maintain, and expand the urban forest throughout Lexington.

GOAL B3: Apply environmentally sustainable practices to protect, conserve and restore landscapes and natural resources.

Objective: B3a

Support the funding, planning and management of a green infrastructure program.

Objective: B3c

Incorporate green infrastructure principles in new plans and policies, including, but not limited to and transportation.