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Farms & Farm Tours

Continue to raise awareness of farms and farm tours.

VisitLex’s 2018 Visitors Guide and the VisitLex website are packed with information about attractions, accommodations, dining, tours, and events of all kinds, plus great maps, with one of them showing the locations of horse farms. The VisitLex website includes horse farms in both Fayette and other counties, which is beneficial for regional tourism. Lexington benefits when visitors stop in from other destinations, and is generally the home base for people exploring the central Kentucky region, meaning the bulk of the travel dollars are spent in Lexington’s local economy. Horse Country, Inc. horse farm and horse business tours are getting very popular. Ticket sales data shows that from October 2015 to June 2018 there have been a total of 72,222 tickets sold, or an average of 21,688 ticketed tours per year by Horse Country, Inc. That number does not include other horse farm tours by other tour agencies’ sales.

Marketing and advertising for horse farm tourism in Fayette County should be maximized and prioritized. With 59.2 square miles of equine farm land in the Rural Service Area, and another 42.23 square miles of farms with an equine and crop mix, that is a total of 101.4 square miles. In future printed visitor guides, adding more about the individual horse farm tours, corn mazes, etc. on farms located in Fayette County could help raise awareness of farms in Lexington. Additional partnerships between farms and VisitLex should be considered.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL B3: Apply environmentally sustainable practices to protect, conserve and restore landscapes and natural resources.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.

GOAL D3: Protect and enhance the natural and cultural landscapes that give Lexington-Fayette County its unique identity and image.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.

GOAL E2: Support the agricultural economy, horse farms, general agricultural farms and the rural character of the Rural Service Area.

Objective: E2a

Protect and enhance the natural, cultural, historic and environmental resources of Lexington-Fayette County's Rural Service Area and Bluegrass farmland to help promote the general agricultural brand and ensure Lexington-Fayette County remains the Horse Capital of the World.

Objective: E2b

Support the Purchase of Development Rights and private sector farmland conservation programs to protect, preserve and enhance our signature agricultural industries, historic structures, cultural landscapes, natural environments and community welfare.