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Encourage Green Building Practices

Encourage and explore incentives for green building practices for new development and redevelopment.

Incentives should be explored to encourage new development or redevelopment to achieve green building standards. New development is encouraged to locate building structures at optimum conditions for the use of solar energy, and to consider sunlight impacts to adjacent dwelling units at preliminary development stage.

Provide incentives for development to incorporate renewable energy into the new proposals, such as solar, wind, geothermal, small-scale or micro-hydroelectric, energy-star equipment and systems, monitoring devices, etc. Achieving net-zero community status has become a common interest and trend both nationwide and globally, as more residents and consumers start to choose an eco-conscious living style. Lexington has a large eco-friendly market, especially among young professionals. Designing eco-friendly energy systems into development has proven to be economically efficient in the long run as well as environment friendly, which is encouraged in Lexington. Encourage development to design on-site water management to reuse grey water and develop standards in the engineering manuals.

Action Item(s)

  • Explore permitting incentives for green building design.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL B2: Reduce Lexington-Fayette County’s carbon footprint.

Objective: B2a

Continue programs and initiatives to improve energy efficiency.

Objective: B2b

Anticipate the community's needs by encouraging environmentally sustainable uses of natural resources.

Objective: B2c

Provide incentives for green building, sustainable development, and transit-oriented development with civic agencies leading by example through the use of green building standards.

GOAL B3: Apply environmentally sustainable practices to protect, conserve and restore landscapes and natural resources.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.