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Imagine Nicholasville Road

Studying One of Lexington's Major Corridors

As our community continues to grow and change, we are exploring how we can improve one of Lexington’s major corridors. Through Imagine Nicholasville Road, we will identify strategies to respond to on-going redevelopment along the corridor.

The study will focus on how we can introduce more housing and a mix of land uses along the corridor, particularly as commercial properties redevelop, and how this can help address our city’s housing needs.  We will also identify how to create a more pedestrian and transit-oriented street, with the goal of improving and increasing public transit use, in order to move people more efficiently along this important regional corridor.

Imagine Nicholasville Road is a direct result of the Lexington’s 2018 Imagine Lexington Comprehensive Plan. Recommendations from this study, derived with public input, will be used to guide future development efforts and decision-making for Nicholasville Road.  The study will also prioritize transportation investments and coordinate them with redevelopment as it occurs over time.