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Coordinate Transit Logistics for Special Events

Continue to coordinate transportation logistics and traffic control for recurring special events, festivals, and parades.

The Lexington Area MPO regularly meets with the Traffic Safety Coalition subcommittee, the Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee, Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and the Transportation Coordination Committee to review security of the transportation systems. On-the-ground coordination with the Divisions of Police and Traffic Engineering for special events provides safety enhancements when roads are closed or traffic patterns are otherwise altered. The high point of these coordination efforts came during the World Equestrian Games, as the normal agencies added LexTran and private businesses to the mix to ensure that patrons were all efficiently ferried to and from the Kentucky Horse Park for events. By any measurable standard, the traffic and transportation efforts during the games were successful, as many citizens utilized those services and the overall impact to Lexington traffic was minimal. Longer term coordination through the Lexington MPO comes in the form of contributions roughly of $600k a year for operations, which goes to traffic engineering. Use of those funds covers safety improvements, operations for events and infrastructure for traffic efficiency. The Lexington MPO was one of the first, and is still one of the few, MPOs to fund projects like this out of their annual budget. Staring in the late 1980s, this funding has covered everything from replacing aging traffic controllers to providing the startup budget for the Traffic Management Center.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL B2: Reduce Lexington-Fayette County’s carbon footprint.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.

GOAL D1: Work to achieve an effective and comprehensive transportation system.

Objective: D1b

Develop a viable network of accessible transportation alternatives for residents and commuters, which may include the use of mass transit, bicycles, walkways, ridesharing, greenways and other strategies.

Objective: D1d

Improve traffic operation strategies.