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Coordinate Tourism of the Bluegrass Region

Coordinate with surrounding counties to capitalize on the inherent tourism draws of the Bluegrass Region.

Lexington is not alone in reaping the natural and historical benefits of the Bluegrass Region, as the surrounding counties all have similar assets, as well unique cultural and historic draws that make the region an attractive tourist destination. Some of the attractions cross county boundaries, such as the bluegrass landscape, horse farm tours, the Bourbon Trail, and the Brewgrass trail; while others are locally specific, such as Shaker Village in Mercer County or the Kentucky Castle in Woodford County. Together, they all create a regional experience that is unlike any other; in order for them to be most effective, they must be marketed together as such.

Visit Lex already incorporates regional showpieces into their marketing materials, including their pre-planned itineraries and “top 10 things to do” list. It could be mutually beneficial for all involved for Lexington to continue conversations with the goal of increasing tourist traffic for Fayette and outlying counties. Those counties would receive visitors who may be coming due to the larger draw of the urban amenities Lexington has to offer, and Lexington would likely benefit, as those who are traveling for attractions in outlying counties will probably stay and spend a good portion of their tourism money in the city. Additionally, the added visibility and attractiveness of the region creates enhanced livability and amenities for employers in all counties.

Land development, primarily in Lexington’s job-creating industries. Opportunities for industrial and professional office growth are present, and, as land constraints continue to tighten, the city should look creatively to these areas for employment solutions. These should be pursued, but with constant consideration given to the integrity of the rural service area.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL C1: Support and showcase local assets to further the creation of a variety of jobs.

Objective: C1a

Strengthen efforts to develop a variety of job opportunities that lead to prosperity for all.

Objective: C1b

Strengthen regulations and policies that propel the agricultural economy, including, but not limited to, local food production and distribution, agritourism and the equine industry that showcase Lexington-Fayette County as the Horse Capital of the World.

Objective: C1d

Encourage development that promotes and enhances tourism.

GOAL D3: Protect and enhance the natural and cultural landscapes that give Lexington-Fayette County its unique identity and image.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.

GOAL E2: Support the agricultural economy, horse farms, general agricultural farms and the rural character of the Rural Service Area.

Objective: E2a

Protect and enhance the natural, cultural, historic and environmental resources of Lexington-Fayette County's Rural Service Area and Bluegrass farmland to help promote the general agricultural brand and ensure Lexington-Fayette County remains the Horse Capital of the World.

Objective: E2b

Support the Purchase of Development Rights and private sector farmland conservation programs to protect, preserve and enhance our signature agricultural industries, historic structures, cultural landscapes, natural environments and community welfare.

GOAL F3: Increase regional planning.

Objective: F3a

Set the standard through leadership and engagement to identify and resolve regional issues.

Objective: F3b

Support legislative efforts and cross-border actions that improve regional planning, including, but not limited to, developing regional policies; sharing information; and planning for regional systems of transportation, open space, water supply and infrastructure.