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Consult with Adjacent Counties

Consult with planning departments of adjacent counties to find common Comprehensive Plan goals, objectives and implementation items where shared benefits could be gained by working together.

Regional planning efforts in the past have been difficult endeavors for many reasons; however, there is a shared goal among staff from all of Lexington’s regional neighbors to advance the basic principles of urban planning. While there are significant differences in the underlying ordinances that control zoning from county to county, all of the neighboring counties have adopted comprehensive plans, which share many goals and objectives.

Developing a rapport with the planning staff from these neighboring planning departments and identifying common goals and objectives would allow for shared efforts in implementing policies. This would foster a commonality that highlights similarities, rather than focusing on differences.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL F3: Increase regional planning.

Objective: F3a

Set the standard through leadership and engagement to identify and resolve regional issues.

Objective: F3b

Support legislative efforts and cross-border actions that improve regional planning, including, but not limited to, developing regional policies; sharing information; and planning for regional systems of transportation, open space, water supply and infrastructure.