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Improving a Desirable Community

Building a desirable community requires policies to exceed all that Lexington has done so far. It requires raising the bar on both the public and private sector to deliver ever better outcomes. How Lexington chooses to do this is an important statement about the values of the community. The public has made it clear that they want more places and ways to connect with each other. As the global retail economy shifts and spaces are being reconceived, it is vital that Lexington make certain that those community preferences are considered and addressed. With this steady growth, policies must also ensure the economy does not leave lower income residents behind. Lexington’s citizens have also demonstrated that suburban expansion is not something they are interested in, and that Lexington’s natural and environmental resources are too important to consume for just more of the same. That conscious decision has a great impact on the policy needs of the future.

Where are we now?

Lexington is continually looking to improve the quality of life for its residents. Many cities do not have the same environmental and natural constraints as Lexington, and feel more empowered to continue the onward march of suburban expansion. Those challenges and constraints lend urgency to the need to be progressive and innovative, and call for leadership and vision by City officials to implement thoughtful solutions.

Connecting people by creating opportunities for Lexington’s citizens to interact with each other through better transportation infrastructure is a fundamental way to improve the overall community. A great effort has been expended so far to build out a robust trail systems for pedestrians and bicyclists. For example, the Town Branch Commons will serve as an economic engine to attract activity downtown, whether it be individuals or businesses. The dividends are realized through national attention and rankings in various livability categories. That type of economic investment must be continued, expanded, and enhanced to serve all Lexington residents.

Vision for Community