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Bike Lexington Interactive Map

Discovering Safe & Active Ways of Navigating the City

As presented throughout the various thematic components of Imagine Lexington, the Division of Planning places a high priority on making Lexington a more bike-friendly and walkable city. A significant part of that effort comes in ensuring that both pedestrians and cyclists have access to functional resources that promote safe navigation to various points throughout the city. 

The 2020 Bike Lexington Interactive Map is a tool created to serve as a trusted companion for those looking to maneuver cycling (and walking) in Lexington. Informed, in part, by local cyclists, this map contained layers for designated and preferred bike lanes/routes throughout town. There are also layers for different focal points, from local bike shops to art museums! 

This map was created as a collaborative effort from the Division of Planning and Cricket Press. Cricket Press in the process of designing the classic brochure version, which will be linked on this page in the future.

Map Demo

With increased functionality, such as planning and measuring custom routes, this map is THE tool for cyclists at all levels looking for both new and old ways of navigating the city.

To get to know the basics of how to use these features, please consider watching the demo video below in which one of our staff members (who is also an avid local cyclist!) walks you through some of the different ways to use this nifty gadget!