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Agritourism & Ecotourism

Identify new compatible agritourism and ecotourism land uses that would enhance Lexington’s economy and provide additional income-generating possibilities for local farmers.

The Agritourism Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment was important in further establishing protections for the horse industry, as well as other agriculture industries. The impact of that text amendment should be monitored to identify opportunities to add further complementary uses that expand tourism options without negatively affecting existing industries. There remains considerable rural land that is geographically and topographically unsuitable for standard agricultural uses that should be considered for additional agritourism uses. While the community was not prepared during the last text amendment to make those changes, Imagine Lexington envisions a future where those opportunities will become more acceptable, when coupled with sufficient protections to the rest of the agricultural area.

Action Item(s)

  • Update the Zoning Ordinance provisions for Agritourism.

Goals and Objectives

GOAL B3: Apply environmentally sustainable practices to protect, conserve and restore landscapes and natural resources.

Objective: B3b

Identify and protect natural resources and landscapes before development occurs.

GOAL C1: Support and showcase local assets to further the creation of a variety of jobs.

Objective: C1a

Strengthen efforts to develop a variety of job opportunities that lead to prosperity for all.

Objective: C1b

Strengthen regulations and policies that propel the agricultural economy, including, but not limited to, local food production and distribution, agritourism and the equine industry that showcase Lexington-Fayette County as the Horse Capital of the World.

Objective: C1d

Encourage development that promotes and enhances tourism.

GOAL D3: Protect and enhance the natural and cultural landscapes that give Lexington-Fayette County its unique identity and image.

There are no objectives related to this policy that further this particular goal.

GOAL E2: Support the agricultural economy, horse farms, general agricultural farms and the rural character of the Rural Service Area.

Objective: E2a

Protect and enhance the natural, cultural, historic and environmental resources of Lexington-Fayette County's Rural Service Area and Bluegrass farmland to help promote the general agricultural brand and ensure Lexington-Fayette County remains the Horse Capital of the World.