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Accessory Dwelling Units

What are Accessory Dwelling Units?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are smaller, secondary independent housekeeping establishments located on the same lot as a principal dwelling. ADUs are independently habitable and provide the basic requirements of shelter, heating, cooking, and sanitation. 

The Division of Planning has put forth a proposal that would allow these small dwelling units of up to 800 square feet on all urban, single-family residential lots in Lexington. The details of the proposal and the ADU process can be found in the resources below.

ADU Fact Sheet


ADU Proposal

Revised Zoning Ordinance text *approved by the Planning Commission - Oct. 21, 2019

Public hearing continuation presentation - Oct. 21, 2019

Public hearing presentation - Sept. 26, 2019

Staff report

Planning staff response to public comment


ADU Resources

Planning Commission Work Session Presentations

July 19, 2018
March 21, 2019
May 30, 2019
June 20, 2019
July 18, 2019
Aug. 29, 2019

ADU Public Input Presentations

April/May 2019
Aug. 2019


ADU Manual